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Creativity with a Japanese Flair!
Introductions are in order.... 
22nd-May-2011 07:40 am

I've been an admirer of Japanese street fashion for a few years now... Looking for a way to enter into the fashion, you see. Recently, I've been making the first steps into decora.

Name: Chiarra
Age: 15, soon 16
Clothing & Brands: Hm.... Thrift stores, Homemade, anything lying around the house, Target, Walmart, Joanns, one item from Hangry&Angry... Anywhere and everywhere, really.
Point of Fashion: Colorful, with bright and matte hues! 
Current Obsession: Getting ready for my debut at the Comicon as a Decora? Haha... Other than that, changes a lot. Black Jack, the anime, I guess... And Harry Potter Fanfiction.

When I finally put it all together (some time this week), I'll post the cyber decora outfit.

For now... decora accessories I made? (Everything for the first time? Haha~)

Um.... Kandi armband? No pattern used, but I can see a few things. Can you?

And a pair of deco-den headphones... Click for enlarged image.

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