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Creativity with a Japanese Flair!

Decorated~A Japanese Street Fashion Community
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DECORA_TED~a Japanese Street Fashion Community!

Hello and welcome! This community is for everyone that's a fan of the Japanese Street Fashion called 'decora' as featured in the magazines and books "Fruits"--with a twist. Unlike a lot of communities that insist on structured guidelines, and only doing exactly what someone in Japan's done before, creativity is 100% encouraged here. The whole meaning behind Fruits is the expression of one's self through fashion, according to Shoichi Aoki, creator of Fruits magazine, and decora is almost entirely unstructured creativity (although there are some definite guidelines to bear in mind.) Although most of us don't live in Japan, that creativity is what we strive for!

Fresh Fruits

You can order these books through your local bookstore, or try http://www.amazon.com

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The Rules

1) Absolutely no drama, flames, insults, deconstructive criticism or catfights. This is a community where almost anything goes as long as it's related to decora street fashion and creativity. We expect members to be encouraging of that creativity. NO INSULTS TO ANY KIND OF FASHION. Just because you love decora doesn't mean raver is horrible, and vice versa. No one is permitted to push their opinion on anyone else! Ranting about other communities is reserved for your personal journal only.

NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with any other community on LJ, regardless of what you may have heard or read. Nor are we considered a 'non-critical' community. We know the difference between an insult and constructive criticism, and we ONLY allow the latter. The sense of community is what's important here, and if you do not intend to contribute to it, then please do not request to join.

2) All images (with the exception of a small preview under 500 x 500 pixels) must be under an LJ cut. Check out the LJ cut FAQ! If you need help with posting images, check out this other FAQ.

3) Introductory posts are great! Tell us who you are and share a picture if you have one. Let us know what you're currently working for in fashion. Follow this format, popularized in Fruits:
Clothing & Brands (if applicable, homemade serves as a brand as well!):
Point of Fashion:
Current Obsession:

4) Have fun, learn, and be creative!

UPDATE: Membership is currently moderated due to some immature trolling. If you are not interested in being a member of this community, then please go amuse yourself somewhere else. This is a community for people to share their creativity, love of decora, and receive criticism and advice in a constructive manner. If it means that there are only a few people on LJ who are responsible and mature enough to be members, then so be it. I'm perfectly content with that, and so are our members.

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What is decora?
Decora is a street fashion originating in Japan. It consists of many layers, often of colorful clothing, and heavy decoration--such as bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, etc.

Who started decora?
Nobody really knows... there were several pop stars that popularized it, but mostly it appeared in the streets of Harajuku when the Hoko-ten was open. This "Pedestrian Heaven" was the main street of Harajuku, and it used to be closed to all traffic every Sunday. Recently, it was re-opened, and sadly street fashion has declined as a result. There just isn't a place for that many people to go hang out anymore.

Is decora the same as Fruits?
Fruits is a magazine started by Shoichi Aoki. It captures the fashions as they appeared on the Japanese streets, and Phaidon has published two books from it (Fruits and Fresh Fruits). Not every photo that appears in Fruits is decora--it also has Gothic & Lolita, punk, and just plain crazy creativity. In the West, 'Fruits' is used to describe any fashion that falls under the creative Japanese catagory. But please bear in mind that it originated as a magazine, and that use isn't quite correct.

How do I tell if something is decora or not?
First, check for layers. Decora has many layers, usually starting with at least three. Then check out accessories. While a certain number of bracelets or necklaces is not required, usually there are several. Decora-chan are most notably recognizable by the hair (after the layers.) Hair clips are scattered across the front and in the bangs liberally.

Can I be decora-chan?
Of course! Start with layers and accessories, then post your photos here. We'll help you find your own creativity and let you know what looks great on you.

Are you affiliated with any of the other decora communities out there?
No. This is a stand-alone community. We focus on the word "community." We want all of our members to feel safe and happy here. If you prefer quantity over quality, then this is probably not for you!


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