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Creativity with a Japanese Flair!
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17th-Mar-2010 08:45 am - Some help here please^^
Does anyone in here know where i can get Kawaii Cabochons(they are like 5mm, or 20mm small figures to put on bows, or hairclips).Cause i want to make this cute hair clips and bows, and i want to put cute stuff on it, so they won't look soo boring. Can someone help me out, like where i can find them in L.A.(im not looking for online stores. but if there aren't places in L.A. that sell this things than online its fine). Please some help me out^^XD


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praise the lord
this May, Khaotic Kouture will be hosting the fashion show at Anime Central! For more info: http://acen.org/node/23

Thank You!
21st-Jan-2010 05:28 pm(no subject)
Hello! ^_^ I'm Lozeh, I'm 14 and I've loved Decora a while, about 3 years, but I am pretty much a noob when it comes to DRESSING Decora. so, I would like some constructive critism & advice on how to do better outfits please :D

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16th-Jan-2010 10:00 pm - *waves* first post, outfit under cut
Ohayoo! I'm Momoko-chan! 20, from Sydney. I love all sorts of Asian street fashion. Decora is probably my favourite but I don't own much of it. I'm hoping to start incorporating it into what I wear to work (I have to wear business-casual so REALLY need help there) and uni. I never used to use my old LJ so I started a new account for the purpose of interacting with decora and fruits communities. Hopefully you lovely people have some suggestions and I'll find places to buy online <3

This is more casual loli than anything, but I'm looking at trying some decololi, and mixing pinks and blues? Do you think maybe some blue necklaces, armwarmers, bracelets and socks could work with this? And maybe pale yellow? I don't really have accessories yet D= I do have white knee-high platform lace-up boots but I just didn't put them on >.< Excuse the quality. My camera died and I had to take these on my macbook.

Tell me what you think anyway please <3Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2010 11:34 pm - Crossover communtiy
This announcement may be deleted due to being slightly off topic. But I recently created a new community on LJ that you can find here - http://community.livejournal.com/sugar_punk_love/ I thought everyone here might be interested because I believe sugarpunk and decora fashion really go well together. I would love it if any of you stopped by, posted some pictures, or took an interest in modding (PLEASE!!). Hope to see you there!

PS also feel free to stop by my sugarpunk blog Koko in Wonderland http://kokoinwonderland.blogspot.com/
11th-Dec-2009 10:09 pm - Dark/Casual Deco
I decided to go more dark/casual deco yesterday, pics under the cut!!
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3rd-Dec-2009 10:11 pm - Casual Deco
Hello! I'm Koko, and I am a freshman in college in NC. I love fairy kei, Lolita and decora fashion. This is my first Casual Deco outfit. I wore it to class the other day!
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23rd-Nov-2009 07:15 pm - HI! I'M SANA ♥
decora, sana
Hi, i'd like to introduce myself to you <3

My name is sana and i'm from Germany.
i've been into decora fashion for about one year. ( * O * ) "

here are some pictures~

* Q *
18th-Nov-2009 04:43 pm - <33
hello decora community
im rachel im new to decora feel free to add me i love to make new friends
p.s pics up soon
23rd-Oct-2009 10:41 pm(no subject)
We wanted to invite everyone to come back and see what's new! We have new recycled hoodies, and we're giving away pins with every order of $10 or more! ^-^

praise the lord
We are taking Apps for the next fashion show at Anime Central 2010: www.acen.org

Show Info & Apps: http://www.acen.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=33655
10th-Sep-2009 06:44 pm - Fanarts
Here are a few DecoraFanarts

--->"Clicku for the Picu"<---
26th-Jul-2009 10:43 pm - Mini-Decora!

"I discovered the Japanese Decoragirls just a few days ago and I love this fun fashion statement!!  So I've started collecting bracelets and stuffs!  I'm not done yet, but this is what I've come up with so far!!  I think I've got more than enough bracelets! " *Mousegiggles*
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